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Integrated Healing Sessions

120 mins - $165*

These sessions integrate bodywork, sound healing, breathwork, movement, yoga asanas, guided meditation and energy work in varying degrees depending on the client's focus and intentions. Each two hour session includes approximately 90 minutes on the table and adequate time for client assessment, support, coaching and follow-up.


Integrative Healing Sessions are for anyone longing for ease and relaxation in body, mind and spirit, and for those open to connecting more deeply with the seen and unseen support that is continuously available for our growth and healing. It is also very effective for those in acute need of loving care and restabilizing in times of crisis in body, soul or spirit.

Please contact me to schedule:


*It is important for bodywork to be accessible to all who can benefit from it. Clients have the option to leave a tip or contribute to my Pay It Forward (PIF) Program which allows me to offer reduced rates to those who will benefit. Please email for information and to schedule using the PIF Program.


You reached in and took my heart in your hand. I went to the most beautiful place imaginable and at the end you told me that place was me

Sarah (Sheffield, England)

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